Apple launches Community+ to reward its most dedicated fans

If you’ve ever had a problem with your iPhone or Mac, and you’ve searched the web for solutions, chances are you’ve come across a forum from the Cupertino company, on which you’ve been able to read community feedback to fix your issue.

While helping other users of Apple products, these members of the community also serve the Cupertino company. And today, it rewards the most dedicated members of its community by offering the Apple Community+ program.

Apple will offer special benefits to the most active members of its community

This Apple novelty was spotted by our colleagues from iMore, who also shared a link to the page dedicated to Apple Community+ (see the source of this article).

On this page, Apple explains: “In the Apple Support Community, we recognize when a member’s positive attitude, expertise, and curiosity to explore new solutions has a big impact on our community. That’s why we created the global Apple Community+ program to honor and celebrate these members! Each year, we invite a small group of contributors from the highest levels of the community to join the program. It’s our way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation. »

Apple does not give many details about the benefits that those invited for this program will have. The firm only talks about special benefits, premium experiences, and “more”.

Apple Community+: by invitation only, and with limited places

And unfortunately, if you’re interested, there’s no way to request an invite. If you are a very active member of the Apple community, you just need to continue this activity and maybe you will receive an invitation.

“Participation in the Apple Community+ program is by invitation only. We are looking for shining stars, high profile community members who embody the qualities that make our space warm and welcoming”says Apple. “They are engaged and active in the community. They share quality content and helpful answers to build their reputation. Most importantly, they are role models whose character inspires others and uplifts our community. »

Apple remains very vague, but it’s a good idea

So no specific criteria either. In addition, if places are limited, so that the experience remains unique, Apple does not indicate how many people are invited each year to participate in its Community+ program. But in any case, it shows that the firm knows how to be grateful to the people without whom its community would not be so lively.

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