Apple launches an inclusive and inspiring podcast series


– Posted on 07 Jul 2022 at 13:21

This Wednesday, July 6, Apple launched a series of podcasts that highlights five French talents who are fighting for important causes that are close to their hearts.

Podcasts are on the rise. And Apple has decided to ride the trend that has many followers. The French section of the American giant is launching a series of inclusive and particularly inspiring podcasts, showcasing French talent. titled ” Live Voice“, this podcast series is made up of five conversationsbetween the animators radio Mehdi Maïzi and T-Miss and each of the talents. We thus find Jennifer Padjemi, Pone, Gaëlle Prudencio, Sohan Pague and Abou Touré, to share moments rich in emotions.

As explained in the press release from Apple France, these French artists are moving ” the guidelines for diversity and inclusion in the creation“. They were notably chosen for their commitment and their unique creative journey“. These episodes are available for free from this Wednesday, July 6 on Apple Podcasts. In each issue, the selected talents highlight a cause that is dear to them.

5 talents so inspiring

So, in the first episode, Gaelle Prudencio talks about her battle with fatphobia and how she came to accept her body. In the second, Sohan Pague, a transgender actor appearing on SKAM, talks at length about the issue of the visibility of transgender people. On his side, Jennifer Padjemi highlights the importance of creativity at the center of engagement.

We also find pony, a music producer and member of the Fonky Family, who has Charcot’s disease (ALS). Despite the illness, he continues his activities with strength and courage. This issue therefore evokes creation in a situation of disability. And to finish, Abu Toure, a developer, champions education for all. As Apple explains in the Vives Voix podcast, it ” talks about his atypical career and the importance of equal opportunities. » A beautiful project that should make many followers.

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