Apple keychains and straps for AirTags on sale!

If you have AirTags, Apple’s little trackers, you probably need to protect them or at least attach them to a bag, a bike or whatever. Rather than investing such a large sum in an accessory as in the device itself, it is better to look at bargains. While we had offered a file with a selection of inexpensive third-party accessories for AirTags, this time it’s Apple products that are at a great price thanks to a nice reduction on several models.

The AirTags themselves are currently at 94 euros for 4 instead of 119 euros.

blue brown luggage airtags

Apple’s leather tan keychain

Apple key fobs for Airtag

The best-selling and one of the most expensive is none other than Apple’s leather keychain, in “havana” color. Similar to Herm├Ęs watch straps, for example, it offers an exemplary finish and impeccable support for an AirTag. Here’s how Apple presents it:

This leather keychain is carefully crafted from premium materials. The stainless steel is as beautiful as it is resistant, while the exceptionally tanned European leather is particularly soft to the touch. It perfectly fits the contour of your AirTag so that it does not risk falling.

If you are already a fan, know that its price goes from 39 euros to:

If you are looking for a black model, you can find it at

Apple straps for Airtag

The other star among accessories for AirTags is the lanyard. The Apple version is made of silicone or leather and comes in several very nice colors. It has two main interests: its price and its compactness. The silicone version is also very resistant.

Here’s how Apple presents it:

Both light and resistant, this strap is made of polyurethane and allows you to securely attach your AirTag to your bag. It perfectly encircles and holds your AirTag, so that it does not leave the object to which you attached it.

If you are already a fan, know that its price goes from 35 euros in silicone to:

For the leather version, it is also interesting because instead of 45 euros, you will have it at:

promo airtag straps

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