Apple is withdrawing its first-generation Airpods Pro from sale

A page turns at Apple with the disappearance of the first model of Airpods Pro from the apple catalog.

Another product has just disappeared from Apple’s catalog. The American giant has just withdrawn its Airpods Pro from sale on its official website. The product will also no longer be sold in stores. Only option if you want to get it: turn to a third-party store.

Apple actually had two options with the arrival of its Airpods Pro: replace the original product in its catalog or continue to sell it, at a lower price. The trouble is that at a lower price, the Airpods Pro would have entered into direct competition with the third generation Airpods. Which would in no way have benefited Apple.

Logically, the last stocks of Airpods Pro will be sold through third-party resellers. A few bargains could be up for grabs.

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