Apple is still working on an iMac whose components would be integrated into a single “block” of glass

An entire Mac contained in a single “block” of glass? The idea is not new to Apple since in 2020 already, the Cupertino company filed the patent for an iMac whose all the components would be enshrined in a single curved glass slab at its base. The concept continues to be dug visibly since another patent on the same general idea has been filed at the USPTO (American patent office).

iMac Glass block 1

The diagrams visible on the patent reveal a concept of iMac in which a large part of the components are integrated into the glass slab (including the keyboard), knowing that the part of the “non-integrable” components is nestled in the large base located at the base of the iMac.

The patent “Electronic Device with Glass Housing Member” also briefly describes how this iMac can be used as a large dock for a MacBook, an iPhone or an iPad, or even accommodate a removable keyboard (the overall design is then slightly modified). Another diagram still shows a collapsible base system, so no doubt to facilitate the transport of the machine.

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