Apple is preparing three new Mac Studio M2s

New Mac Studio IDs reportedly found in unspecified Apple firmware, most likely macOS.

Indeed, according to developer Pierre Blazquez, Apple has already referenced models of Mac Studio with the M2 chip, while the current desktop computer is only a few months old.

Already new Mac Studio?

The Frenchman, who tweets in English and French, did not deign to explain where this data is extracted from. It is therefore difficult to certify their authenticity. In any case, he claims that these are the future Mac Studio M2 with references Mac14.5, Mac14.6 and Mac14.8.

mac studio testing

The current Mac Studio comes in two flavors. The M1 Max edition is known internally as “Mac13.1”. The M1 Ultra edition is represented by “Mac13.2”.

The credentials were extracted from a file archived in a publicly available software package. No UI resources or anything really juicy (I wouldn’t have tweeted otherwise).

It is therefore not a leak but a firmware publicly available on the net. Better, this data has apparently been “online for months”.

However, there are currently no rumors regarding the Mac Studio update. Apple said during the March 2022 keynote that a new Mac Pro is planned, and the only other high-end Mac being talked about is a potential replacement for the iMac Pro.

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