Apple iPhones outperform Android smartphones in the US

For the first time since its launch in 2007, the iPhone’s share of all smartphones held in the US market exceeded 50%, according to Counterpoint Research.

At the end of June 2022, more Americans owned an iPhone than a smartphone equipped with the Android mobile operating system. According to a study by Counterpoint Research, the market share of Apple’s emblematic product has reached 50% of the total number of smartphones in the United States, a first since its launch in 2007. This calculation is not based on the sales of new smartphones but on all devices in circulation. It therefore also takes into account iPhones (re)sold via the second-hand market and those held for several years. Slowly but surely, Apple is expanding its brand footprint into American homes. “Over the past four years, the stream has gradually switched from Android to iOSobserves Jeff Fieldhack, director of research at Counterpoint Research. It’s a milestone that could be replicated in other wealthy countries around the world.“. When presenting its latest quarterly results in July, Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out that the company had attracted in June “a record number of ‘switchers’ (this term designates consumers abandoning Android for iPhone, editor’s note) with strong double-digit year-over-year growth“. But the company does not disclose any specific figures on this subject.

The iPhone 14 presented this week

Over time, the products of the world’s second largest manufacturer behind Samsung have become more affordable for some consumers thanks to the boom in the second-hand market, repair possibilities and a diversified pricing policy. A basic trend is also to keep your smartphone longer. On average, users keep the same mobile for more than two years, while this duration was around 20 months in 2015.

According to figures from NPD Group, quoted by the Financial Times, the installed base of smartphones equipped with the Android mobile operating system – the first of which were launched from 2008 – had begun to overtake the iPhone park in 2010. Between 2007 and 2010, Apple’s share was very far from 50%, the mobile phone market being still at the time largely dominated by Nokia, Windows and BlackBerry.

Apple is due to present the latest version of its iPhone 14 models next Wednesday at Apple Park in Cupertino. According to the first indiscretions, the improvements would mainly concern the camera and the design. Apple should also present a new version of its connected watch.

The group has focused most of its development efforts in recent years on services. After the cloud, music, video, it is also extending its range in financial services and health. Its iPhone’s growing footprint among US consumers is great news for its monetization strategy.


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