Apple iPhone 14: a presentation on September 7?

New notebooks, new pens and new iPhones. The approaching school year will be a priori the opportunity for Apple to present its latest generation mobiles. The conference is scheduled to take place on September 7.

Apple is preparing to unveil, as usual, its new iPhone 14 during one of its famous keynotes. According to the always very well informed Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the company would have planned to finally formalize its iPhone 14, and undoubtedly a whole bunch of other products, on September 7, 2022.

a major product on September 16

If the date of the conference has not been officially confirmed by Apple, it sticks with the habits of the company which often presents its new iPhones during the month of September, for availability in stores in the following weeks. 2022 will not escape a priori not to tradition since, still according to Bloomberg, some Apple Store managers have been briefed to “the release of a major product” on September 16. With the iPhone accounting for half of Apple’s product sales, no doubt the release of a new model is considered “major“.

For several weeks, rumors of all kinds have drawn up a fairly precise composite portrait of what we can expect from this back-to-school keynote. There would be 4 versions of the iPhone, two “standards” and two “Pro”. The bulk of the technical innovations will also be reserved for the most high-end models. The Pro and Pro Max models will inherit a new chip, a punch screen, and a variable refresh rate screen. The standard models will remain stuck on the A15 Bionic chip which already equips the iPhone 13.

An Apple Watch “Pro” in the pipes

It is also likely that September 7 will also be an opportunity for Apple to present its new connected watches. The “Series 8” would include (as on the iPhones), a standard model close to the current Apple Watch (but with a new processor) and a more imposing “Pro” model, with better autonomy and more sensors dedicated to tracking activities. Obviously, who says release of new products also says deployment of new OS. iOS 16 and watchOS 9 should also have their moment of glory on stage.

As in recent years, the event should be 100% virtual, with a presentation of products through a whole bunch of small pre-recorded videos. It may well be that another keynote is planned for the month of October. We should discover the new iPads and probably new Macs.

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