Apple inserts more advertisements in the App Store!

The advertisements are present on theAppStore for a few years now. But this time, Apple intends to increase the number of ads present on the application. These new advertising spaces were first offered in the United States. And they have been present in France since August 1st.

New ad placements in the App Store

Usually the advertising present on theAppStore only appears in the tab ” Research “. And this, since 2018 in France. But it is time for change within the American company. Advertisements are now going to be much more present than Apple users could imagine. Now we can find them on the home page from the App Store. They are particularly visible in the tab ” Today “. And they offer us all kinds of apps and games depending on what we might enjoy. These spaces sold to developers are accessible via “Search Ads”. This search advertising allows professionals to reach their customers while increasing their visibility.

Photo credit: Unsplash / James Yarema

The amount of advertising space therefore increases drastically within theAppStore from the brand to the apple. This also arouses astonishment since this initiative is taken by a firm originally anti-advertising. And these new features certainly have something to delight application creators. But it must be quite different for the iOS users

The choice is ours

Among these news that must surely seem unsatisfactory for users, there is however a good one! You can make sure you don’t see them. Indeed, a simple method is at your fingertips for disable. All you have to do is go to the “Settings” from your iPhone. You must then go to ” Privacy “then in “Apple Advertising”. Finally, turn them off “Personalised Ads”. And voila !

Photo credit: Unsplash / Luca

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