Apple hunts down spyware

How do you fight malware that can get into digital devices without the victim clicking on anything? Apple announced on Wednesday July 6 that a new tool, called Lockdown Mode, will protect all users considered to be at risk from next fall, explains CNN on Wednesday July 6. Concretely, this new feature will allow journalists and human rights defenders to be better equipped against these spyware. These users will only have to press a button to isolate certain parts of their device. The disadvantage, our American colleagues point out, is that once this lock is activated, owners will no longer be able to use certain features of Apple devices.

The feature is not intended for the general public. Only users who have already been the target of attacks will be able to request it. Contacted by our colleagues, the company co-founded by Steve Jobs did not specify the number of customers who were victims of software. But such an announcement demonstrates that spyware is a real scourge for the digital giants. For several months, digital espionage cases have been increasing.

Google also victim of spyware

At the end of July 2021, the Pegasus project unveiled a global digital surveillance scandal. French journalists had been spied on through the infiltration of their phones by the Pegasus software, on behalf of the Moroccan state – which the latter disputes. More recently, last June, Google was the victim of a new spy case. According to GAFAM, software from an Italian company specializing in communications surveillance was used to hack into smartphones to spy on users in Italy and Kazakhstan.


Italian spyware used to hack smartphones, Google says

“These companies facilitate the proliferation of dangerous hacking tools and arm governments that would not otherwise be able to develop these skills,” lamented the e-commerce platform in its press release. In order to reduce the risks associated with its locking system, Apple has already said that it will pay up to two million dollars to engineers who report vulnerabilities in its new feature.


Pegasus case: the investigation in France has been entrusted to an investigating judge

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