Apple: how to remove the search button on the iPhone?

What is the method to remove the annoying search button that Apple has integrated into the iPhone? We tell you everything!

New Apple’s search button bothers you? Here is the method to follow to remove it from your iPhone! MCE TV tells you everything.

Apple: that inconvenient button

Apple’s new update is here! Since Monday, September 12, iPhone users were able to install the new iOS 16 update.

Those who have already done so have been able to discover the new features promised by Apple. The apple brand has enjoyed this back to school update to reveal new options.

The lock screen has been redesigned to provide a personalized screen for each user. For example, you can choose widgets, custom fonts and put your favorite photos.

Apple also has improved the experience of its customers by adding a focus mode. This filter hides apps that might distract you. Convenient for those who find it difficult to stay focused.

Among the novelties, we inevitably find some that do not appeal to Apple fans. This time the brand introduced a search button at the bottom of the home screen, just above the dock.

The function allows you to quickly find messages, files, sites or photos. But this new button has an inconvenient place! In effect, it gets cumbersome very quicklyyou.

This therefore multiplies the accidental presses. Which becomes annoying for iPhone users! But fortunately, it is quite possible to do without it. Today, we invite you to discover the method to follow to get rid of this pimple.

How to remove it?

Apple’s new button bothers you? Then you’ve come to the right place! We reveal to you the method to get rid of it from your iPhone.

First, go to “Settings”, then in the “Home screen” menu. You can then click Show on Home Screen to disable the button! And There you go.

Instead of that annoying button, you’ll see several dots on your home screen. These represent the different pages of your iPhone.

Even after removing the button, you can still use the search function. Just swipe your iPhone screen down from anywhere!

This new update from Apple has therefore added this annoying button which, for the moment, does not seem to please the public. But other options have been added to make your life easier.

On the message side, you can now change the content of what you sent even 15 minutes later! But be aware that the recipient will be able to see what you have changed.

You can also cancel message sending for up to 2 mins after sending it. The “mark as unread” option allows you to come back later to a message you want to read.

Apple has also added new features to its payment system. Apple Pay orders now add receipts and tracking info. Practice !

Finally, the apple brand has also improved its health app. With further notifications and reminders!

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