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Apple has understood its error on the display of the battery percentage of iPhones

With iOS 16.1, Apple finally wants to draw a line, once and for all, on the controversy related to the display of the percentage of remaining battery on its iPhone.

iPhone 14 Pro // Source: Apple

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have been unveiled. These products also mark the arrival of iOS 16 on several devices. However, the deployment of this update has caused a funny controversy. At the heart of it: the display of the percentage of remaining battery. A thorn in the side that Apple intends to get rid of thanks to iOS 16.1.

Apple’s controversial choice

It all started in August when we learned that one of the new features of iOS 16 was to be able to display the remaining battery level in the status bar. You should know that since the iPhone X and the arrival of the notch, iOS users had to go to the control center to access this information. This “novelty” of iOS 16 made people smile, because it was far from innovative.

The story could have ended there. However, the way iOS 16 displayed the battery percentage generated various criticisms. Indeed, in a desire to simplify reading, Apple had seen fit not to opt for a dynamic icon. Thus, the battery in the corner of the screen always remained full, even if the battery was not at 100%. You had to wait to drop to 20% to see the icon turn red and filled only to a fifth.

Apple corrects its error with iOS 16.1

It is precisely this detail that caused talk that Apple is about to correct in iOS 16.1. As pointed out MacRumorsin the beta of this version of the operating system, the battery icon becomes empty as the iPhone battery is depleted.

Very good news. Indeed, contrary to what Apple thought at the beginning, offering a dynamic icon makes it easier to read. All it takes is a quick glance to take in the information.

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Note that you must activate the dedicated option to be able to display the percentage of remaining battery. Also note that initially, not all devices under iOS 16 took advantage of this function, but iOS 16.1 makes it available even for forgotten models such as the iPhone 11, Xr, or the latest “mini” versions.

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