Apple has an idea to make you forget about Google Maps

For a long time, Apple has more or less neglected its navigation application, Apple Maps or Plans. This has allowed Google Maps to dominate this market. But in recent years, the Cupertino company has continued to improve its app, in order to make it a credible competitor for the Google application.

And soon, Apple might even come with a new feature on Maps that might convince some of you to ditch Google Maps: optimized routes for e-bikes. Indeed, journalist Steve Moser recently published a tweet in which he indicates that he has discovered elements suggesting that this function is under development.

More specifically, he dug into the code of the beta of iOS 16. And he would have discovered strings of characters (basically, text) that could be used by Apple when the function is deployed.

One of these texts suggests that Apple Maps will offer the user to optimize “routes and ETAs for electric bikes”.

Of course, for the moment, the info is still to be considered with caution, pending an official presentation by Apple. Nevertheless, such a feature would be extremely useful at this time. As fuel prices soar, the electric bike may be an option for commuting.

In any case, it is with this kind of practical functionality, which Google Maps has made its specialty, that Apple could attract more users. Recently, for example, Google rolled out a Google Maps feature in Europe that tells the user which route has the lowest fuel consumption (and it doesn’t have to be the shortest). The firm has also launched a function that allows motorists to know in advance how much they will have to spend on tolls (and possibly select a less expensive route). – Official App

By: Keleops AG

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