Apple gets its idea stolen by a Chinese

During the presentation of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max a week ago, Apple wanted to hit hard with its premium model, whether in power or price! But what impressed users the most was the disappearance of the notch at the top of the screen and the appearance of a punch instead. This is where the front camera is located, but also the Face ID module. However, the American manufacturer also offers a real novelty with Dynamic Island… which has already “inspired” some developers.

Dynamic Island: a very inhabited island

This oval pill freshly landed on the iPhone 14 Pro has indeed allowed Apple to set up the Dynamic Island function. The latter allows integrate fairly extensive software features since you can find contextual previews of certain applications. Thus, by pressing on it, you will have a pop-up window which will open and you will be able to interact with the app without necessarily having to open it entirely. Revolutionary ? Not necessarily but, whatever happens, they were the first to have the idea. So what will the competition do? We don’t know yet but one thing is certain, it’s that the feature is already inspiring developers since a Chinese has already succeeded in setting up an equivalent under Android. Well, when we watch Vaibhav Jain’s video, we still see that there is still work to be done, but the goal is to offer an interface similar to the official version. Didn’t Steve Jobs say in 1996: Good artists copy, great artists loot »?

Now for all Android devices!

This theme is currently only available on the Chinese ROMs of Xiaomi phones (search for 怪脾气UI if this is your case), but it could quickly land in the brand’s “global” theme store in due time. in hour. Don’t have a Xiaomi device? In the video below, Vaibhav Jain shows how to tweak your OS to be able to install this theme on all Android devices: Samsung, OnePlus, Google Pixel, etc. You will need two Chinese apps, Smart Bird and Smart Widget Box.

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