Apple forced to cut iPhone 14 orders by 10% because of supplier TSMC

Apple and the dozens of analysts who follow the product trend closely all know that demand for the iPhone 14 line is going to be gigantic right from the pre-orders. If Kuo expressed a remarkable success coming to China, it may well be that Apple will not be able to master reasonable deadlines because of a well-known Taiwanese supplier…

TSMC alerts its “big customers”

According to a recent report by Digitimes, the semiconductor specialist TSMC approached its large customers to ask them to reduce the amount of their orders, the company has made it clear that it cannot meet all orders for this summer.
Even if we are starting to see the end of the tunnel of the chip shortage that has been raging since the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything is not yet back to normal!

Unsurprisingly, Apple, which is TSMC’s largest customer, was forced to review the objective iPhone 14 orders, since if the other suppliers for screens, photo sensors… say they are ready, an iPhone 14 is nothing without its A15/A16 chip.

iphone 14

This alert issued by TSMC is obviously bad news for Apple, but also for consumers, because who says 10% less iPhone 14 necessarily says shipping times that will be higher on the Apple Online Store and resellers who will have less delivery than originally planned.

However, we can be reassured on one point, and that is that the 10% reduction in iPhone 14 orders only targets the first wave of production which involved 90 million units. TSMC is committed to fulfilling all orders from Apple for the remainder of the year. A good thing for Apple, because it will be the period of Black Friday and the holiday season, events that allow Apple to generate a lot of income!

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