Apple: for the security of your iPhone, do not do this!

News hardware Apple: for the security of your iPhone, do not do this!

VPNs are supposed to secure your internet browsing by routing your data in an encrypted manner. But obviously, a flaw has been discovered on Apple smartphones. Indeed, security researchers show us that VPNs can be dangerous on an iPhone…

VPNs really don’t like iOS

If you don’t know what a VPN is, it is a service that offers you to have a secure connection between your device and the Internet. With a VPN, your data will be encrypted and routed through a virtual tunnel, making you completely invisible on the net.

It is the blogger and security researcher Michael Horrowitz who raises this concern: Apple devices, therefore equipped with iOS, have a breach that compromises the security of your data.

It is by verifying the correct routing of data from the device to the router that everything becomes complicated. Indeed, security researchers have discovered that some of the data is not routed through this famous VPN secure traffic. Suffice to say that your VPN is totally ineffective.

If in use nothing is noticed, it is by digging a little deeper that the researchers discovered that data does not take the right path, and that other connections are open, thus allowing the theft of data from a third person.

A problem that has existed for a long time…

The biggest downside is Apple’s non-responsiveness. Indeed, this flaw was discovered in 2020 on iOS version 13.3.1…

If you’ve been using a VPN since then with an iOS device, sorry to tell you: some of your data hasn’t been encrypted.

The most common problem that can arise from these leaks is obviously IP address leak problems. A hacker can therefore easily obtain your IP as well as the list of all the servers to which you connect.

The iGen site states:

Apple maintains the connection between and the iPhone and its push servers, in order to limit the pressure on the battery

Connections that allow receiving notifications would then always be open, even when using a VPN. Even if Airplane mode solved this problem, researcher Michael Horrowitz indicates that this is no longer the case.

Until Apple solves this problem with VPNs, the use of this kind of service could leak your data. With the arrival of iOS soon, one would think that the Apple brand corrects this problem as soon as the iPhone 14 is released.

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