An Apple employee posted a video on TikTok. And if it has been successful, the Cupertino company does not seem to appreciate it.

Posted on 08-19-2022 by Nolwenn Guengant

An Apple employee has posted a TikTok video in which she gives advice regarding iPhones. Paris Campbell, who works as a technician in an Apple Store in New York, explains that you should not disconnect your iPhone from your Apple account if you have it stolen so as to prevent criminals from reselling it easily.

Soon to be dismissed?

It was after receiving a message from a client that Paris Campbell decided to make this video. At no time does she introduce herself as an Apple employee, she simply explains that she is a “certified hardware technician” for a certain company that “likes to talk about fruit”. His video made over five million views in 24 hours. However, it did not please Google’s competitor. A manager of the group thus contacted Paris asking her to remove the video if she did not want disciplinary action that could go as far as dismissal. What is Apple afraid of? That the recommendations provided by the young woman are not perceived as official advice from the brand. Paris Campbell, also a stand-up comedian since 2011, released another video in which she explains that she is waiting for news from the company regarding her possible dismissal. The funniest thing is that after reviewing the social media rules…it doesn’t say anywhere that I can’t identify myself publicly as an Apple employee, just that I must not do so in a way that reflects badly on the company. If Apple fires Paris, the latter will appeal the decision or seek legal representation, as she told The Verge.