Apple emphasizes security and introduces Dynamic Island, its new “everything bar”

Apple’s 2022 keynote took place yesterday, and if on the hardware side, the iPhone 14s have captured the attention, it is on the side of iOS 16 that we will find the most changes. A brief summary of the developments to come.

The iPhone 14 will be the first to benefit from the new features brought by iOS 16. Developers registered in Apple’s beta program have already seen the changes brought by this update, while the general public will be able to take advantage of it next week. Emphasis was placed on the security of personal data and the health of users.

The most remarkable change is probably aesthetic, with the appearance of the Dynamic Island (on iPhone 14 Pro only). This dynamic island replaces the famous iPhone pill, at the top of the screen. As indicated by his name, it expands or shrinks depending on applications and context. It will keep the shape of the famous “notch” in its smaller version, while it will reveal the playback controls of Music when you listen to a song, or show the directions to take in Maps, for example.

Crash Detection will call for help from your iPhone or Watch

In the event of an accident, the functionality Crash Detection (which takes advantage of the iPhone’s various sensors) will contact emergency services from any of your Apple gadgets, whether it’s a Watch or an iPhone. If many observers note that this security measure is mandatory in the most recent cars, we can only appreciate this additional layer of security in our daily lives.

In terms of new features that are not really new, note that iOS 16 will be able to play music or sound when the device is turned on and off, a feature that has been available on many Android devices for quite some time. One of the amazing facts from this Far Out event is that the iPhone 14s, and many of Apple’s new accessories, will be more affordable than the previous generation of gadgets, at least in the United States. Once again Apple applies very different prices in the country of Uncle Sam. The iPhone 14 Pro, for example, is sold there from $999, while the same model will be sold for €1,329 in France!

iOS 16 will be available from September 12 and will of course be preinstalled on the iPhone 14.

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