Apple: eight Mac models added to the list of obsolete products!

Eight Mac models have been added to the list of obsolete Apple-branded products! We give you more details.

The Apple’s list of obsolete products is growing. Eight Mac models have been added! MCE TV gives you more details.

Which Mac is now obsolete?

We have been hearing about it for several months now. The news has finally come! Apple made a updating the list of its obsolete products.

Users were eagerly waiting to discover the list. And the apple firm finally revealed it! Apple has indeed just published a new list of devices that are no longer supported by the company.

We find there besides 8 models of Mac. What do they have in common? They came out between 2015 and 2016. Yes.

Among the machines that have joined Apple’s list of obsolete products are the very first MacBook Pro models. Those who are available with the specificity of the Touch Bar.

As a reminder, the firm had agreed during its redesign in 2016 to integrate a touch bar into its computers. But that Touch Bar didn’t last long. Oh no.

Indeed, Apple quickly removed it from all high-end MacBook Pro models. But we still find this option on the whole new machine to datethe 13″ MacBook Pro.

We remind you that for a device to be obsolete, it must 5 years have passed since its first distribution by the company. Moreover, very few models that have become obsolete are entitled to repair at the Apple Store. Or even brand-approved suppliers.

Apple unveils its update

The Apple brand therefore continues to update its list of obsolete products. Moreover, we now have the list of 8 new Macs that have been added to this category.

So we find the iMac (21.5 inches, end of 2015) and iMac (27 inches, Retina 5K, end of 2015). MacBook Air (13-inch, early 2015) and MacBook pro (13-inch, early 2015).

The Macbook (12-inch, early 2016) and MacBook pro (13-inch, 2016, two Thunderbolt ports). And finally, the MacBook pro (13-inch, 2016, four Thunderbolt ports) and the MacBook pro (15-inch, 2016).

From now on, these Mac models join the other products that Apple considers obsolete. The products on this list are therefore no longer offered for sale and leaves the catalog of the mark.

So if you have one of these Macs and you need a repair, it will no longer be supported by the Apple brand. This practice is completely justifiable. Indeed, with the evolution very fast technology, it is normal that some models are no longer up to date.

Note that this does not mean that you must get rid of your machine! But, you should know that it will be less and less efficient.

Especially compared to the new models that are revealed over time. Like the MacBook Air M2 which is able to recharge itself!

Macs are far from the only obsolete products from the Apple brand. Indeed, many iPhone are already part of this list. Like the iPhone 6 Plus for example, and many other models.

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