Apple Education Community: the new essential platform for teachers

Apple’s website has not closed its doors this morning and yet, an important update has been made: the launch of the Apple Education community platform.

This new space entirely dedicated to teachers who use Apple technology is already available in 36 countries and in 16 languages, and will undoubtedly expand in the coming years. It provides access to many resources (tutorials, lesson ideas, interactive guides, etc.) that aim to inspire teachers who use mac and iPad on a daily basis. It is also the new gateway for Apple Teacher and its “Learning Center”created 6 years ago, which allows teachers to continue their training independently and obtain the certification of the same name.

Apple Education Community: the new essential platform for teachers

As a reminder, when deploying Apple technology in a school (iPad, AppleTV, etc.), Apple offers support to APR (Apple Premium Reseller) resellers to set up on-site educational training for teachers and more widely of the educational community). From getting started to more advanced uses (creativity, coding, accessibility, etc.), these “tailor-made” training courses are provided by APLS (Apple Professional Learning Specialist), certified by Apple and who are (or have been) teachers themselves. -even in primary, secondary or university. The content of these training courses seeks to inspire teachers by combining a mastery of technology and pedagogy. in order to develop a culture of innovation in institutions. The most innovative establishments can also apply to become ADS (Apple Distinguished School), another Apple program in the field of education.

On his side, Apple Education Community also aims to expand its community of teachers with free access. A platform dedicated to ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) already existed, but its access was reserved for them. Intended to promote exchanges between teachers around the world, it included blogs, forums and made it possible to publish resources and lesson ideas. With Apple Education Community, Apple decides to open the doors of this community to all teachers and give them access to all these resources.

Like he usually does, Apple is installing things gradually: the platform is accessible to everyone now and without identification. However, entering his identifier (personal AppleID or AppleID managed by the establishment) will allow you to find his profile, his Apple Teacher badges and his Portfolio which summarizes his reflection on his teaching practices. A forum is also set up in order to be able to exchange freely between teachers. Initially reserved for English-speaking countries (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand), it will gradually be extended to other countries.

Apple Education Community: the new essential platform for teachers

Finally, it should be noted that accessibility remains at the heart of Apple’s concerns since, as far as possible, each resource will have to integrate a maximum of elements so that it is accessible to all, such as video subtitling for example.

Novelties that testify again of Apple’s interest in education and which are mouth-watering while waiting for the next Apple Event on September 7!

Find some of the discussions of these innovative teachers on #AppleEDUchat, @AppleEdu, and of course #AppleEduCommunity.

Thanks to Laurent, who wins 3 VIP months, for this contribution.

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