Apple dramatically increases the price of iPhone 14 battery replacement

The days of free or $29 iPhone battery replacements that Apple kicked off after much talk of “planned obsolescence” are long gone, and replacing an iPhone 14 series battery will now cost you a bit more than their iPhone 13 counterparts.

For some reason, Apple charges 119 euros for the replacement of the battery of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Maxwhile it indicates a price of 75 euros for the replacement of the battery of the models of the iPhone 13.

This is’a 45% increase in the price of repairing the iPhone 14 battery, although some of the models, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, actually have a slightly lower battery capacity than their predecessor. Of course, if you subscribe to AppleCare+ at 12.49 euros per month for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you will be entitled to unlimited repairs when the warranty year expires, whereas until recently you did not. entitled to only two annual reparations.

This sum also provides protection against loss and theft – although it costs 15.49 euros per month, but, in the case of batteries at least, it might not be necessary, as they are now produced to last. at least 800 complete cycles before battery degradation begins to be felt.

It’s been quite a few years and the smartphone will then be like new for a 119 Euro battery swap, so the 44 Euro price increase can be attributed to Apple acting in some mysterious way to protect its profit margins.

A real strategy

It is true that Chinese brands like OPPO or OnePlus already put batteries in their phones capable of being charged from 0 to 100% in about 20 minutes, while being rated as good for at least 1600 cycles.

Apple, as we know, doesn’t have a habit of stuffing all the latest technology into the latest iPhones because that would give its fans little reason to upgrade in a couple of years or so and eat away at its profit margins.

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