Apple did not want Telegram’s Telemoji modeled on the design of its own emojis

Pavel Durov, co-founder and boss of Telegram, had released big words to bring media attention to the absence of a green light from Apple for an update of the messaging application. A new version which was to revolutionize the way people express themselves to each other “, but that the App Store had refused to authorize for two weeks and without reason, he assured.

The revolution in question was animated emojis, the “Telemoji”, with a design modeled on those of Apple. And it stuck on the manufacturer’s side. After the media coverage brought to this story, Apple returned to Telegram to request the removal of the Telemoji. ” It’s a puzzling move on Apple’s part, as Telemoji would have brought a whole new dimension to static emojis. [d’Apple] low resolution, and they would have greatly enriched its ecosystem writes Durov in another post.

Telegram will now work on animated emojis ” unique and recognizable “. Apple has not confirmed that it was a copyright problem, but we can quite easily understand that it had to tick in Cupertino given the work done by the manufacturer’s teams to produce these famous thumbnails.

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On the other hand, leaving Telegram (or any developer) in the dark for two weeks without saying why an update is not allowed is indeed a problem. And it’s unfortunate that you have to holler online for clarification.

Anyway, after the withdrawal of Telemoji, the App Store validated the update of the app which inaugurates an “open platform of emojis” allowing Premium users to use personalized emojis. The release notes are available here.


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