Apple devices at the top of the Fnac Darty after-sales service barometer

Apple devices are particularly well rated by the latest Fnac Darty after-sales service barometer: they appear in first place in the rankings of “in-ear headphones”, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and connected watches! In fact, Apple is at the top of all computer categories where the manufacturer’s products appear.

The Fnac Darty barometer for laptops.

The fifth edition of this barometer measures reliability and durability based on a customer study carried out by Fnac Darty, a study of breakdowns between July 2021 and June 2022 (more than 580,000 breakdowns), and the study of after-sales service interventions during the same period (more than 900,000 interventions). The products concerned are purchases made a maximum of two years ago (the duration of the legal guarantee).

The barometer is unique in that it calculates the scores of brands within product families, which is why it does not talk about AirPods or MacBooks, but just about Apple. For more information on the methodology, head to this page on the Fnac Darty website.

The results obtained by Apple may be questionable: the manufacturer’s smartphones and laptops are not the best rated on the official repairability index. However, the calculation method is quite different (it is the companies that rate their products themselves, which the UFC-Que Choisir would like to change) and is based on different criteria.


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