Apple could recover the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Apple has decided which screen will pair with the next iPhone 14 Pro, and you have to look to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to admire it.

When trying to find out what the next iPhone will look like, it is not always necessary to turn to Cupertino. The apple brand is however well based in California, but it is the champion of the subcontractor, she who works with companies around the world to produce the iPhone.

So if you are interested in the screen of the next models, whose release is scheduled for September, you have to look on the side of Korea. In the Asian peninsula, Samsung reigns supreme. If the brand from Busan is Apple’s first competitor, it is also one of its best suppliers.

iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have the same screen

The media The Elec indeed reported, a few days ago, that Samsung should still play a role of choice in the next iPhones, in particular the 14 Pro that everyone is waiting for as “THE” phone of the year on the side of Apple. Also according to information from this media, Samsung has decided to use OLED technology for the screen of its competitor’s next high-end phone.

According to the first leaks reported in the article, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max should thus be entitled to “M12” screens. Behind this rather harsh nomenclature actually hide the screens of the latest Galazy Z Fold 3. A screen that we described as magnificent during our phone test.

In all likelihood, Apple would therefore have chosen to use this same screen to equip its next iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, widening the gap even further with the classic versions of the iPhone 14. This phone should have an M11 screen, the previous version of Samsung. A purely financial strategy on the part of the Apple brand which wants to reduce the costs of its phones.

A cheap iPhone 14?

With all these cuts made by Tim Cook’s teams on the screen, the chip and Face ID (which should remain the same as on the iPhone 13) we hope in any case that the price of this new iPhone 14 will not be disproportionate when it is released next September. With so few developments, it would sound like a serious false note.

One thing is certain, if the difference between the Pro model and the classic version of the iPhone 13 was not necessarily visible at first glance, doubt will no longer be allowed for this new generation of smartphone.

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