Apple could lose its first global market

If Apple has been so prolific in recent years, it is in particular thanks to the rapid growth of the Chinese market where the firm sells more iPhones than in any other region. But on the spot, the government does not see with a very good eye the companies which generate billions of dollars on their own account, as the recent worrying disappearance of Jack Ma (Alibaba) reminds us.

However, Apple continues to gain market share in the Middle Kingdom. In particular with its computers, equipped with their own operating system: macOS. Software that has cause for concern, since the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that theadministration of Xi Jinping has just accelerated the development of its own alternative.

openKylin in your PC

The first versions of China’s home OS, Kylin, date back twenty years. Originally, it was above all a question of installing it on government and army machines, but now the entire population would be targeted. To do this, officials have launched a new program called openKylin and allowing all publishers to add their stone to the building.

What are the differences with macOS? To tell the truth, on paper, the value proposition is relatively similar: office automation, media, web browsing, personalization… But of course, you can say here goodbye to native integrations with iPhonesAirPods or iPad such as Spatial Audio, Camera Continuity or Handoff.

For which products?

It is also unlikely that the different versions of Kylin will one day run on Mac without a hitch. No, instead, China puts a extensive partnership with many local manufacturers such as Huawei. The company, an international multi-billionaire, has been accused of spying by the United States in recent years and can no longer pre-install Google apps on its smartphones.

Among the other companies whose processors are ready to receive the proprietary Chinese OS, the SCMP also mentions the case of Loongson, Sunway, Hygon and FeiTeng. And you, would you trust such equipment for your work or personal use during a trip to Asia? – Official App

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