Apple continues to criss-cross France to update Plans!

Many of you send us photos of Apple Maps cars every day, which criss-cross French roads to improve Apple’s service. During the summer – even under a strong heat – Cupertino continues to run its Apple Maps vehicles around the world, in order to improve the mapping software and refine its data.

Two of our readers, Nicolas and Simon, have also spotted them in Rennes and Combronde in Puy-de-Dôme. Easily recognizablethese cars (usually Subaru Impreza) are equipped with 360-degree cameras and LIDAR to create images of the streets of our cities, or even, more simply, to refine the renderings of 360° View. In short, do not hesitate to send us your pictures!

Recall that since then July 8, the new Plans cards are available in France and also in Monaco. Now users can access a more detailed coverage the road network or public transport. In addition, the application intends to compete more seriously with Google Maps, by offering a better navigation experience. There are thus improved functionalities, such as the 360° view (Look Around in VO) the equivalent of street view from Google. But the latter is not yet available everywhere in France (Paris, Bordeaux…).

Here in Rennes

Other new features include natural language guidance, with smoother and more accurate directions such as real-time traffic information. The speed limits are availablebut quite randomly and with some failures for some.

Another very practical novelty, it is now possible to communicate their estimated time of arrival to their relatives or colleagues, with a simple gesture or via Siri (Share arrival time). The latter can then follow the route and receive an updated estimate in the event of a delay, very practical if you are stuck in traffic jams.

Here in Combronde

Apple continues to criss-cross France to update;  Day Plans!

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