Apple collects much less personal data than other GAFAs

Apple has made confidentiality its hobbyhorse, even if it means having to create tensions with the other giants of the world of new technologies. But behind this very marketing announcement of “great defender of personal data” Apple announces many actions, which have just had confirmation from a third party.

Indeed, according to a study by Digital Information, Apple is the GAFA company that collects the least amount of personal data from its users. According to the report, where the Apple brand has “only” 12 pieces of information about you, Amazon has 23, Twitter 24 and Google, a great collection champion on its side, 39.

Note all the same that the Facebook group, which nevertheless drags a certain reputation with regard to the data of its users, only collects 14 according to this study, or 2 more than Apple alone. In the text that accompanies the figures given above, the members of Digital Information, behind this study, explain that Apple works a lot more with machine learning.

Apple relies on learning rather than information

This is particularly the case of the Apple Music application which will calculate personalization preferences without asking the user for personal data, but simply by analyzing the use he makes of the application. Photos work the same way on an iPhone.

As a reminder, Apple had passed a very controversial update last year by the world of online advertising. The latter (iOS 14.5) integrated the ATT for App Tracking Transparency, a regulation which obliges App Store applications (and all third-party services) to request authorization from the user before collecting their data. The latter can then refuse, which is the case in a substantial part of the choices.

With this new rule, much criticized by Facebook at the time, Apple presented itself as the protector of users, ensuring that the iPhone was a small paradise on Earth for our personal data, she who feared nothing, protected by the Apple.

words and deeds

While many at the time saw this speech as a simple marketing promise, Apple has made many efforts in recent months to reduce user tracking as much as possible. A doctrine that does not prevent him from considering a return to iAd, his advertising agency which stopped in 2016.

According to many experts, Apple today has a gold mine of information about us, data that only Apple has and could therefore sell at a high price. Initial financial reports estimate that an arrival of Apple in the world of advertising could bring several billion dollars a year to the Cupertino company. – Official App

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