Apple claims to be a major force in the world of health

Apple has published a 59-page report in which the group claims to now have a more than notable presence in the world of health thanks to its various efforts and services available through its products.

An important presence in health for Apple

Apple points to the breadth of existing services — from sleep monitoring and fitness classes to atrial fibrillation detection and cycle tracking — and has promised to build on that foundation. Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, who oversees Apple’s healthcare business, says:

The healthcare innovations we have pioneered aim to break down barriers between users and their own daily health data, between healthcare providers and patients, and between researchers and practitioners. study participants. Our vision for the future is to continue to create science-based technology that empowers people with even more information and acts as a smart guardian of their health, so that they are no longer passengers on their own health journey. Instead, we want people to be firmly in the driver’s seat with meaningful and actionable information.

Health Features iPhone Apple Watch

The 59-page document is divided into two main sections. The first focuses on empowering users with convenient access to their own health data while providing health and fitness features to help maintain or improve their health. Apple underscores its commitment to privacy with secure storage of health data, the Apple Watch’s role in health tracking and as a health and fitness companion, and the HealthKit framework that opens the ecosystem to third-party applications. With the release of iOS 16 and watchOS 9, users will have even more health-related features, including medication tracking, AFib history, and sleep stage tracking.

The second section of the report examines how Apple’s health initiative integrates with the medical community, including features such as ResearchKit and the Apple Research app. Other aspects include how Apple supports doctor-patient relationships with technology and data, and how the company helps healthcare organizations and insurance companies promote healthy lifestyles with technology. ‘Apple Watch.

The report concludes with an “Extensions and Highlights” section that showcases a number of examples of developers and organizations leveraging Apple’s health-related features and services to drive innovation.

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