Apple celebrates 20 years of Shazam!

This week is birthday week for Apple. After the iMac which celebrated its 24th birthday last Monday, it’s Shazam’s turn to celebrate its 20th birthday!

And for the occasion, the Californian firm is splitting a beautiful publication on its website. She takes the opportunity to slip in some official figures (let’s take advantage of this, she is generally reluctant to reveal them and prefers to drown them in the mass). Thus, it specifies that the service has crossed 70 billion recognitions in total to date, which have been requested by its approximately 225 million monthly active users.

Apple celebrates 20 years of Shazam!

For the record, remember that the song identification service –acquired by Cupertino in 2018– has been launched in August 2002 in the UK as a telephone service. At that time, users dialed a number on one side and played the music on the other. Shazam would then text them with the name of the song and the artist.

Afterwards, Shazam app launched at app store launch, before being available on Android a few months later. In 2017, Apple partnered with Shazam to offer song recognition via Siri in iOS 8, before offering it in 2018.

Among the little touches of the day, Apple Music has just shared a special playlist called 20 Years of Shazam Hitsfeaturing the most shazamed of each year for the past twenty. And if it is necessary to note a record, know that Drake is the most Shazame artist of all timewith over 350 million Shazams for all of his songs…

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