Apple Car Ranks 3rd Most Considered Brand Even Before Launch: Report

Apple has yet to announce plans to produce an automobile, but the brand is the most viewed as a future brand by new-vehicle buyers, according to the report. Apple’s potential vehicle came third in the ‘Highest Brand Consideration’ category with 26% of customers saying ‘Definitely Consider’.

The vehicle of the future is just behind Toyota and Honda, followed by Ford and Tesla. The report predicts the love Apple vehicles are receiving. For example, over 50% of Tesla owners would consider buying Apple cars.

Apple offers styling, powertrain, product, and other key features. Apple being the tech giant, it has an edge over other automakers, according to the report. However, the notoriety and the reputation of the mark constitute a platform to be essential vis-a-vis the other car manufacturers. Thus, Apple has the ability to stand out from its competitors.
The only weak point in Apple’s position is that it hasn’t produced a vehicle yet.

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