Apple Arcade takes inspiration from Xbox Game Pass with this update

The operation of Apple’s subscription service will change and offer a system similar to Microsoft’s service.

Subscription services are becoming more and more common in the video game industry. After the advent of the Xbox Game Pass and its dazzling success with players, this kind of offer is multiplying on different media. On June 23, Sony inaugurated in Europe the new version of its PlayStation Plus offering a model in all respects similar to that of its competitor.

Subscribing gives access to a large catalog of games provided you remain a subscriber. However, similar to video streaming platforms, these subscription offers offer games under contract with developers and publishers. Thereby, the rights to use the titles in the catalog may expire and these then leave the selection (permanently or not). While this rotation system has been in place in Xbox Game Pass since its inception, Apple Arcade hasn’t (or at least not on the same scale). However, that is about to change.

A tab that worries subscribers

In the past, titles have already left Apple’s subscription, but rather sporadically. At the rate of one or two titles here and there, the deletions have been rather discreet since the creation of the gaming service of the Cupertino company. Nevertheless, the catalog seems ready to undergo major modifications after the appearance of a strange tab which did not fail to alert the users of the service.

Our colleagues from slashgear and Toucharcade indeed report the appearance of a tab “Leaving Arcade Soon” in the iOS application grouping the titles of the offer. Even more surprising, it’s not one or two games that are about to make their departure, but rather fifteen different titles. We find in the list some major games such as VARIOUS DAYLIFE or Dread Nautical. Without any indication of a departure date, this addition confuses subscribers to the service.

How often will games leave Apple Arcade going forward? Although it is quite normal for a subscription service such as this to renew its offer in the manner of its competitors, the fact that no announcement has been made leaves some doubts. If the frequency of additions is greater than or equal to the number of deletions, subscribers will have nothing to worry about, but if the dynamic is different, the interest of the formula could quickly fly away… We will therefore have to wait before to have more information on this subject, but one thing is certain: the lack of communication is flagrant, especially in comparison with Microsoft which currently dominates this market.

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