Apple announces “Vives Voix”, a tribute to the diversity of French creative talents and launches a new podcast

This summer, Apple is putting the spotlight on diversity and creativity in France with Vives Voix, an editorial device and a new podcast that showcases talents who move the lines. The personalities selected share their recommendations on Apple platforms, in particular the works that have inspired them throughout their journey, as well as their favorites of the moment.

Available from July 6, the Vives Voix podcast retraces the journeys of author Gaëlle Prudencio, actor Sohan Pague, musician Pone, developer Abou Touré and podcast creator Jennifer Padjemi, and is hosted by the two journalists from Apple Music France: T‑Miss and Mehdi Maïzi.

“The goal of Vives Voix is ​​to celebrate the wealth and diversity of creative talent we have in France,” says Mehdi. “We selected each talent for their unique creative vision and commitment, and we wanted to give them the opportunity to tell their story in their own words and share their inspirations with us. »

This podcast, which includes five episodes of 30 minutes on average, is available for free on Apple Podcasts. The episodes were recorded in Paris, in the new Apple Music radio studio, which hosts the flagship shows LE CODE and Hits Français. Apple Books, Apple TV, Apple Music and the App Store also offer editorial highlights around these creators.

Meet the talents Vives Voix

Gaelle Prudencio

The author (Proud to be myself) and influencer Gaëlle Prudencio fights fatphobia and promotes a more diverse representation of the body. “Writing is what allowed me to be able to meet myself and start this path towards self-acceptance,” she explains in her episode of Vives Voix. “I discovered other women, especially in the United States, who are fat, who feel good about themselves. And I said to myself: “yes, but in fact it is possible!” And gradually, that’s how I realized that I also had my place and that I don’t have to look like others. In fact not to fit into the norms of society, for me, that’s good! I am special. I have my specificity and that is my strength. »

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Sohan Pague

Actor on the poster for the France Télévisions series SKAM France, Sohan Pague campaigns for the rights of queer people and seeks to raise public awareness on issues of trans-identity. In his episode of Vives Voix, he talks about the issue of the visibility of transgender people. “Accepting my identity, my differences, allowed me to dare, to speak up and to get involved,” he says. “We are asking for visibility so that people can be more sensitive to these subjects. We lack visibility that doesn’t just talk about drama – I think we should also show that being trans can be very beautiful. He also adds that “beyond visibility, it is above all rights that we need. Visibility can bring rights. »

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Jennifer Padjemi

Creator of podcasts (Repairing violence, Mirror mirror), journalist and author (Feminisms & pop culture), Jennifer Padjemi dissects the socio-cultural and media phenomena that define our time. In her episode of Vives Voix, she stresses how important it is to put creativity back at the center of engagement. “What interests me today is how we can talk about all these subjects, whether it’s racism, sexual violence, gender, even religion,” she explains. “How do we talk about it, but without forgetting the artistic side. That is to say that you offer me something aesthetic, you go far in the proposal, and you don’t try to please an audience. And I find that in fact, it’s a bit of the future, I hope, which is taking shape. She continues: “Never forget about creativity. I find that when you put creativity back in the center, it really gives you unformatted things, and I think it’s super important in all media to go a little further. I feel that I want more, I want to be pushed around. »

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Music producer and member of the Fonky Family, Pone has Charcot’s disease (ALS). Almost completely paralyzed, he continues his creative activities with the help of technology: eye tracking (or eye tracking) allows him to express himself and compose music by the simple movement of his eyes. He recently released an EP, Listen and Donate. In the episode of Vives Voix dedicated to him, Pone tackles the subject of creation with disabilities. “Because of the slow creative process with eye tracking, it pushes me to think more about the music, rather than being in the action: it’s not bad,” he says. “I stopped music for 3 years after the diagnosis. Then I rebuilt myself if I may say so, and I wanted music to be part of this new life. »

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Abu Toure

Developer Abou Touré defends education for all. He is the co-founder of the Onzic app, which helps middle and high school students prepare for exams by turning lessons into rap tracks to make them easier to remember. In his episode of Vives Voix, Abou talks about the importance of equal opportunities. “The way the school operates, I think it’s not necessarily suitable for everyone,” he says. “I think the school should be closer to the students. What we have tried to bring is modernity, by being closer to the students. Today we are lucky because rap has become totally democratized and there are a lot of people who listen to rap, there are more and more artists, rappers, and we have really managed to that time. All the students listen to music, and we have made sure to combine business with pleasure. »

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