Apple and the city of Chicago reach an agreement around the “Netflix tax”

In 2015, the city of Chicago (in the state of Illinois) decided to introduce a 9% tax on subscriptions to streaming. The aptly named “Netflix tax” didn’t really appeal to the lawyers ofApple, who in 2018 sued Chicago to overturn the tax. Apple’s complaint then claimed that the Chicago tax violated the Tax Freedom Act and in fact was unconstitutional. 2018 is also barely 1 year before the launch ofAppleTV+and one can therefore logically conclude that Apple was trying to “clean the ground” before the launch of its own streaming.

Finally, The Hollywood Reporter informs us that the judge Daniel Duffy of the court of Cook County has decided to cancel the complaint of the Californian, and this for a simple reason: Apple and the city of Chicago have reached an agreement, a necessarily pecuniary arrangement whose terms have been carefully kept secret.

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