Apple and Koss reach settlement before AirPods patent lawsuit

Apple and Koss have ended their dispute by reaching an agreement before the lawsuit of a violation of patents, in connection with the AirPods. As a reminder, Koss attacked Apple in July 2020. The iPhone maker struck back in August of the same year.

Judge Alan Albright of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas on July 23 signed the parties’ settlement — the terms of which were not disclosed — and quashed the trial, which was scheduled to begin today. Apple and Koss wrote in a joint stipulation filed with the court that they “have resolved all the issues in dispute between them”again without giving details.

Two years ago, Koss cited four patents that described wireless headphones featuring a transceiver, allowing the device to stream sound from a digital audio player, computer, or wireless network. thread. The audio brand explained that by selling AirPods, AirPods Pro and wireless Beats by Dre products, Apple caused irreparable harm to the company by infringing its patents, whether in part or in whole. In addition, a fifth patent related to the wireless configuration of devices to operate on a wireless network. Here, Koss was saying that Apple used this patented technology with the HomePod and the Apple Watch.

Koss said Apple was aware of the patent violations as early as 2019, but the manufacturer decided to turn a deaf ear, even after being contacted by Koss directly.

In its 2020 complaint, Koss demanded that Apple pay three times the amount decided for damages (in the event of a lawsuit and victory).

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