Apple and Jony Ive are going in very different directions today

Apple and Jony Ive split up. The contract that linked his design company to the Apple brand will not be renewed.

Apple and Jony Ive are going their separate ways – and this time, according to The New York Times, it’s for real, so to speak -. Jony Ive left the Cupertino company in 2019 after two decades serving the Apple brand and created his own company called LoveFrom, which counted Apple as its first and main customer. The American daily explains today that the two parties have decided not to extend their contract and to stop working together for the very first time since the 1990s.

Apple and Jony Ive split up

Jony Ive was a close collaborator of Steve Jobs, we owe him in particular the design of the old Mac computers in translucent plastic, very colorful. He had also helped design the iPod, its white headphones, the iPhone, the iPad and even the Apple Watch. Jony Ive has even reportedly given ideas for Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset. In 2015, he was named Apple’s first Chief Design Officer, although his role has evolved significantly over the years. Reports that emerged after Jony Ive’s departure claimed that he felt “demoralized” by Tim Cook’s lack of interest in design and the CEO’s decision to focus on software and services. According to the latter, these reports were totally “absurd”.

The contract that linked his design company to the Apple brand will not be renewed

The Times said LoveFrom’s multi-year contract with Apple was estimated at $100 million and barred the company from accepting any new projects the tech giant might deem to compete with its products. Jony Ive wanted the freedom to take on new customers without asking Apple for permission. At the same time, company executives would also have questioned the sums paid by Apple to Jony Ive and some employees had not hesitated to leave the Apple brand to join his design company.

At the time, when Jony Ive left Apple and LoveFrom signed his contract with the Cupertino company, Tim Cook said he was “looking forward to working with Jony on the long term”. Does this mean the two could work together again? Have.

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