Apple Adds ‘Test Alerts’ Option to iPhone for Emergency Messages

Apple has added a new “Test Alerts” button to the Settings app in iOS 15.6 and iOS 16 beta 3 systems. This button is visible only on iPhones connected to a US carrier and allows users to turn on test alerts. US government testing emergency. A solution to warn all or part of the population of a danger. In France, we recently had the FR-ALERTs.

An option that is not new

Enabling the “Test Alerts” feature allows you to receive emergency test alerts on both iPhone and Apple Watch. The button is in the Settings app under Notifications → Government Alerts and is disabled by default. Apple says the government is responsible for the content and frequency of test alerts.

iphone alert test usa ios 16

It was already possible to activate test alerts on previous versions of iOS by installing a special profile from Apple or by entering a code in the Phone app. The rocker marked with a user on Twitter just makes it easier for users to choose to receive the test alerts and is under other options like Amber alerts (for child abductions).

Apple has updated support documents for iPhone and Apple Watch with more details.

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