Apple 1 prototype believed to have been owned by Steve Jobs goes up for auction

An original prototype ofApple 1which would have been owned by Steve Jobs and which was the subject of a “historical” demo at Paul Terrell, the founder of computer store The Byte Shop (the very first computer store in the world). Legend has it that following this demo in 1976, Paul Terrel decided to place an order for exactly 50 Apple 1s (and thus went down in history as the first seller to market Apple computers).

The prototype of Apple 1 dating from 1976

The same prototype photographed (Polaroid) in 1976 by Paul Terrel, the first Apple computer reseller via his store The Byte Shop

The motherboard of this prototype is now heavily damaged (a large part is missing), but the simple fact that this piece of component launched the destiny of Apple and that Steve Jobs had it in his possession makes this rare piece necessarily interesting for collectors. RR Auctions was not mistaken: bidding for this prototype soared beyond 278,000 dollars, knowing that the end of the auction was set for August 18. Suffice to say that the half-million dollar mark should be easily crossed.

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