Antonio and Marco Morreale have their heads full of plans

They were almost born in the restaurant Nicolo and Franco, rue Franklin (Lyon 2e ) where their grandmother, their mother, their father Franco, their uncle Nicolo work in the kitchen. But the two Morreales, Antonio (25) and Marco (22), had long wanted to emancipate themselves, and to extend the family history in their own way.

“Very young, we dreamed of buying the whole street”

Bubbling with projects, the two Morreales, trained at the Paul Bocuse Institute, one in cooking, the other in management, had the ambition to perpetuate the know-how of Vincenzo transmitted to Raimondo, then to Antonio and Antonina Morreale , their grandparents.

“Very young, we dreamed of buying the whole street, so when we decided to launch, in December 2020, it was an adventure that we had fantasized for very…

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