Anggun reveals his very close relationship with his partner of Dancing with the stars!

Season 12 of Dals is on! This Friday, September 9, on TF1, the floor of the famous show was covered with stars. Among them, Billy Crawford, international star of the 1990s and excellent dancer, but also the comedian Florent Peyre, the influencer Léa Elui, the former judoka David Douillet winner this summer of the game “Les Traitres” on M6, the actor Théo Fernandez discovered in “Les Tuche” or even Miss France 2021, Amandine Petit. But it is the singer Anggun who is making headlines lately. Through interviews, the interpreter of “Snow in the Sahara” has indeed revealed behind the scenes of his physical and psychological preparation. The one that is defined in video on “MyTF1” as

“Singer, mother of a beautiful little girl, wife filled with a super handsome man and dancer… apprentice for Dals” having a “basement level, or rather -20” in dance! announces to our colleagues from “Téléstar” that we have already been contacted to participate in the famous show: “I was already offered to do the show nine years ago. I had tried but found myself unable. I didn’t have a good way to walk or use space. I always said “no”. And then one day my daughter asked me why I didn’t. It ran through my head and here I am. I think I was mostly afraid of being ridiculous. I do it for her finally.”, she confides to the weekly TV.

“What’s sexy is body language”

But it is above all the rest of the interview, recounting his special ties with his dancer coach, which leaves his many fans perplexed. Anggun did not hide it, she was delighted from the start with the choice of her partner: Adrien Caby. A dancer who embarked on the Dals adventure last season and who made it to the semi-finals with Aurélie Pons, actress in “Here everything begins”. And the ex-investigator of “Mask Singer” to reveal: “There is a certain complicity between the dancer and his partner. What’s sexy is the body language and the story being told. The body is a means of expression. With my partner we touch everywhere, he knows my anatomy. We give everything for the show. If I have to put on body-hugging clothes, I don’t mind. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained !” the singer’s favorite phrase, as she announces to MyTF1, suddenly takes on a whole new echo…
But that would be without counting on the well-known sense of humor of this artist who has been married to photographer Christian Kretschmar for four years, and above all terribly in love. Philosopher, she concludes above all: “My dancer is 20 years younger than me, I am the oldest! (laughs) It’s especially beautiful to show that a 48-year-old woman can still learn new things and amaze. If I can inspire women my age, that’s great.” A very pretty lesson in life… “chabadabada” that deserves a little cha-cha-cha, perhaps?

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