And if the satellite function was invited in the Apple Watch Pro

If we believe the rumor, the iPhone 14 would be able to send and receive SMS via satellite. This function, called internally Emergency Message via Satellite, is primarily intended to send a distress message in white areas. Now this rumor is growing and spreading to the Apple Watch Pro. In his weekly letter, Mark Gurman, who had promised to say more on the subject, indicated that Apple had discussed internally the possibility of adding this connectivity to the Apple Watch Pro.

It might be even more relevant than on the iPhone. There are countless cases of people who have been saved by the cellular function of the Apple Watch. Again this week, the press echoed what happened to Ryan McConnaughey. Paralyzed following a terrible bicycle accident, the man owes his survival to his Apple Watch. He was able to call a close friend via the “Hey Siri” function, who was able to locate him.

According to the journalist of Bloomberg, this feature would not be planned for the first generation of Apple Watch Pro. Mark Gurman is also not entirely certain that there will be announcements in relation to this project on September 7, but reports that GlobalStar, Apple’s partner on this file, has been active all year to set up a major new project.


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