An exceptional homemade pizza is possible. Here’s how, with Ooni

Imagine: you are enjoying your favorite pizza just out of the oven. Of your oven. In your own garden. This is what Ooni offers you, a Scottish brand that has become the world leader in outdoor pizza ovens in just 10 years.

Fueled by wood, charcoal or gas, Ooni ovens reach 500°C in less than 20 minutes. These extreme temperatures guarantee you to cook in just 60 seconds authentic pizzas of 30 or 40 cm in diameter (depending on the model chosen) with golden dough.

Pizzas, yes, but much more

And as if all that wasn’t enough, you can go even further than pizza. Cook fish, meat, or vegetables with our Ooni cast iron utensils. Unleash the chef in you!

With Ooni, you can also join a community of enthusiasts from all over the world, who share their recipes, advice and tips on our various platforms. Cooking in an Ooni oven is therefore not just about enjoying yourself: it is also about discovering new flavors and meeting friends who share your love of good things (and good pizzas). Ooni, make pizza.

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