an ever more revolutionary oven with ”Rémi Pizza”

Our Geo Trouvetout pizza from Haut-Marne, the pizza maker Rémi “Pizza” has struck a new blow, with a hybrid and connected pizza oven. A world first?

A week of training in pizzaiolo technique in Serqueux will have been enough for Emmanuel, who had already worked in catering before and is up to date with everything relating to technique, but also hygiene and safety in catering. This pizza truck is the visible part of his new beginning.

After selling his business, he chose to launch himself with this very special food-truck, designed in Haute-Marne! With Rémi Didier, it could not have been better. The oven designed by the brilliant pizza maker is a concentration of knowledge, experience and technicality.

The pizza maker controls all the features of the oven. –

Weight, safety and quality

Rémi used his experience to create from scratch an innovative model that sweeps away the competition in terms of efficiency, ergonomics, safety and… profitability. If Rémi’s argument is voluble, each term is weighed and proven. Pizza food-trucks all or almost all have the common point of being… overloaded.


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