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an altar boy stole the show at the funeral

One of the young choristers who sang at the monarch’s funeral moved Internet users with his investment.

Millions of viewers followed the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which was held Monday at Westminster Abbey in front of 2,000 guests. And many of them spotted, among the choir of children who provided the songs throughout the ceremony, a boy a little more enthusiastic than his comrades.

Visibly very invested in his mission, the young singer softened Internet users and was the subject of many tweets: “I never tire of this altar boy in the first row, the redhead who clearly feels these songs”, could we read. “The little redhead from the Queen’s funeral is a superstar”, commented another. “I need more images of the red-haired altar boy, he is clearly having the best time of his life”, had fun a third.

A country in mourning

No information has been released on the identity of the singer – the DailyMail is also trying to find him – but a Twitter user claims to know him: “His name is Barnaby and he was born at the same time as my daughter”, he declares. “His mum and my wife were walking together in Bow, East London, because our two babies couldn’t sleep. And now he sings in the Westminster Choir and my daughter watches Netflix.”

As reported by Sun, the songs of the ceremony were provided by the choir of Westminster Abbey and that of the Chapel Royal. The Westminster Choir is made up of around 30 young boys and 12 adult professional singers.

The Queen’s funeral put an end to ten days of national mourning, which began on September 8 at the announcement of her death. She was 96 years old, and ruled Britain for 70 years. With her demise, her son Charles was proclaimed the new King Charles III.

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