Amir dad for the 2nd time: he reveals the very original name of his son

Amir Haddad comes to be a dad for the second time. He shared the good news on July 4 on his social networks. “He was born this Sunday at 1:45 p.m., a beautiful little prince. Mom was majestic of courage“, he had declared on his social networks, thus revealing for the first time the sex of the baby. This time, it is another detail that he revealed to his subscribers this Monday, July 11 on Instagram: his son’s name.

Your name is Or… This little word which means “Light” in the language of my ancestors. I don’t know if it’s your beautiful face or if you were just chosen for a role, but this name suits you my son.“, he explained in caption of a photo of him kissing his baby boy on the forehead. “welcome little man“, “Congratulation“, “Wonderful“hastened to write his fans in the comments, touched in the heart by so much tenderness.

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