Amel Bent forced to restore a truth: “I don’t earn my living as well sometimes…”

Amel Bent felt a lot of pressure from his family at this time of his life: “The people who live next to you, who sleep in the next room, they don’t know what you’re going through. You don’t tell them anything. Because I also become a pillar in my home. So if I tell them that I’m not doing too well, the record sales, the things. Suddenly, it starts to gamberger, ‘But how are we going to do it at home, the credit, it’s Amel who manages everything. If she, she falls, we fall with her’.”

By realizing all the hopes that she now represented for her loved ones and aware that everything could stop suddenly, Amel Bent ended up cracking under the pressure and making things clear with them: “It was while crying that I told them: ‘I’m not as strong as you think, I’m afraid. I don’t make as good a living sometimes as you might think. Sometimes, for two years, nothing comes in. And when I said that, they became my allies, but in everything! We have become a team.“Transparency and sincerity that ended up paying off.

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