Amber Heard’s lawyers are once again calling for a mistrial against Johnny Depp after a suspicion of false juror – But what would have happened?

According to Deadline, Amber Heard’s lawyers are calling for the cancellation of the defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The star’s advice claims that one of the seven jurors was never contacted by the court to participate in the trial, and would thus have taken the place of the real juror, a member of his family, who bears the same name. .

“It is particularly disturbing that a person not assigned to a jury is present all the same”, indicate the lawyers of Amber Heard in a document.

According to Elaine Bredehoft, the actress’ lawyer, her client has been deprived of her right to a fair trial and is demanding a new trial.

After calling a few days ago for the reversal of the trial verdict, claiming that the judges’ conclusions are not sufficiently substantiated, Amber Heard’s lawyers are also asking for the cancellation of the $ 10 million in damages that she has to pay her ex-husband.

Recall that the seven jurors of the court had concluded that the ex-spouses had mutually defamed each other through the press, and had granted more than 10 million dollars to Johnny Depp, against only 2 million for Amber Heard.

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