Amandine Pellissard reveals photos of her luxurious villa… unexpected turnaround!

At the end of August, Amandine Pellissard was thrilled to share good news with her community. The mother of eight children was about to move! And not just anywhere. Indeed, on the strength of her success, which brought her back, she could obtain a luxurious villa in the south of France. A dream place of which she revealed images. Sumptuous swimming pool, bedrooms for the whole tribe, XXL living rooms, breathtaking landscape… the house had everything to please him.

But now, this crush did not last. Contacted by Entertainment TV, she said she changed her mind. “We rushed a bit, we said to ourselves, we want it, we’re leaving. Alex, a few days later, was a little dubious, he had a moment of hesitation, I was hyper motivated“, she first explained. But, Amandine Pellissard was later prone to anxiety attacks : “We went on vacation for a week. Nadine, the children’s nanny, who is much more than a nanny, who is clearly their dear grandmother, and her husband, went with us to Cap d’Agde. I sent the deposit check on Monday, we left on Saturday, I received the rental contract on Wednesday (…) and at that moment, I started to worry.

The star of Large families, life in XXLwas not well” and “didn’t speak anymore“, as reported by her husband Alexandre. And for her to confirm: “I no longer felt it, I no longer wanted to go so far, to a new region.” Amandine Pellissard could not bring herself to part with her nanny Nadine, so dear to her heart: “We have been rooted in Occitania for two years, we love it, and I didn’t feel like leaving so far away from Nadine and her husband. She is with us every day. (…) It pained him to see that we were leaving and I couldn’t see myself… We’re starting to have ties here“.

If the clan therefore no longer plans to move to the South, it is still a question of finding a new cozy nest. “We will stay in a fairly close perimeter; I mandated someone, a director of a real estate agency, to find us a house in Hérault or Gard, so that we can keep in touch with Nadine. (…) So we stay in Alès for the moment. We will find our happiness but much more ready“, she announced.

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