Alizée: Her daughter Maggie too cute for the start of the school year with her big sister Annily

The fans under the spell

But that’s not all, because the winner of season 4 of Dance with the stars – in duet with his current companion – also shared adorable photos of little Maggy taking her first steps at school, in particular being equipped with a magnificent schoolbag with her first name embroidered on it. “Very nice satchel”, “The little outfit so mims“, “Too cute“, wrote the singer’s fans.

As a reminder, Alizée always spins the perfect love with Grégoire Lyonnet, the father of her last. But if she has definitely turned the page with Jérémy Chatelain, Annily’s father, she confided to MFM radio a few years ago that she had difficulty explaining this breakup to her daughter: “CThis is the hardest time I’ve had as a mom. It was very complicated to explain to Annily that despite this separation, her father and I would always be there for her and would always love her so much.

Today, Alizée is happy in Corsica with her husband and Maggy, while Annily does not hesitate, whenever she has the opportunity, to visit her father.

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