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Alexandre and Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) separated: “What you are not aware of is that…”

Alexandre and Mathieu ended their relationship after spinning the perfect love for about a year. On Instagram, the candidate of ” Love is in the meadow “ spoke about it and told how they got there. The details through this article.

A difficult separation after “Love is in the meadow”.

He thought he had found the right one, but in the end It was not the case. After about a year of relationship, Mathieu separated from his dear and tender Alexandre. As a reminder, the two had met during the 15th season of ” Love is in the meadow “.

At the time, Mathieu was coming out of several love disappointments. He hoped, by participating in the show, to meet his soul mate. It is following this that destiny put on his way Alexandre.

He was also looking for love. When he came across Mathieu, he said to himself that he had finally found a shoe that fits. After being in a relationship, the two men very quickly decided to take the plunge.

On June 27, 2021, they passed the ring on their finger. Then followed several months of happiness and great complicity. Then, one fine day, the magic has faded. Unable to rekindle the flame, Alexandre and Mathieu separated. A separation which, according to the breeder of bulls, was made by mutual agreement.

“At one point, Alexandre had trouble finding his place. I think he needed a quieter, less turbulent life. He wanted to be stable, for a more classic life, “said Mathieu on September 12 on the set of Jordan De Luxe.

Mathieu took the news like a real “mass blow”. He thought that with the candidate of ” Love is in the meadow “, they were going to overcome all the tests, and yet. Note that the separation between the two took place towards the end of August. During this period, Alexander was “stayed in Deauville” for work.

“He had found a contract there, he missed the races. I’m sure there’s no one. He’s a very straight guy,” said Mathieu.

Moreover, even if this separation is more than painful for him, Mathieu said he understood his ex-companion. According to him, in love, you have to be able to “listen to the other”. Especially if the person in question no longer thrives in the relationship.

“I’m as at fault as him, in fact, it’s 50/50. That’s why I let him go. I am as responsible as him,” he concluded.

The confidences of the candidate ” Love is in the meadow “.

On Instagram, on Wednesday September 14, Alexandre in turn spoke about his separation with Mathieu. He made some secrets and told how he and his ex-husband got there.

“What you don’t know is that behind laughter, behind things we like to share with you, there are feelings that we don’t want to communicate,” he said. he declared to begin with.

The riding enthusiast then explained to have questioned oneself for a long time. He wondered if there weren’t other paths for him. Which ended up persuading him to put an end to his relationship with Mathieu.

A failed project

During the Instagram live, Alexandre also mentioned the fragile state of health of his ex-companion. Affected by the hereditary genetic disease of Cadasil, Mathieu can indeed fall seriously ill overnight. This is one of the reasons why he wants to see him happy. And even with another.

“If we shouldn’t separate now, so that Mathieu can find someone, something solid with strong foundations, so that the day he falls ill, well, that person will be there for him”, a- he explained.

After that, Alexandre talked about their couple project. He and Mathieu indeed counted use surrogacy to start a family. A project that will probably no longer be realized.

Anyway, Alexander said to himself ready to support his ex if this one were to undertake it with another. He would still be there as “uncle of their child”.

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