AirPods: Apple wants to use advanced ultrasonic touch sensor technology

AirPods are constantly evolving, when a new generation of earphones and headphones comes out, Apple is already working on the model that will be released in the following years. If it is not always easy to find out about new products to come, we find the USPTO register, the place where Apple files patents to protect its innovations!

Coming soon to AirPods?

In a recent patent, Apple mentions the integration of a new technology for AirPods and AirPods Max. The Californian giant would like improve interaction headphones and headphones when you are in the rain and your headphones are wet or when you are holding gloves (during gardening for example).

The idea would be to bring a advanced ultrasonic touch sensora system that would more easily detect your touch when you want to change music, activate noise reduction/transparency mode, pause playing content…
In its patent, Apple acknowledges this:

Ultrasonic touch sensing systems may be less affected when electrically buoyant conductive liquids (eg, water droplets) or isolated objects (eg, gloved fingers) come into contact with its touch-sensitive surface.

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AirPods users won’t say otherwise, you’ve probably been in the rain or with gloves and had difficulty getting your AirPods to understand that you want to change music.
Sensor performance may not be the same in wet conditionswhich sometimes makes it necessary to go through the command “Say Siri” to be better understood.

This future innovation of ultrasonic touch detection sensors could see the light of day in the next generations of AirPods. However, it is always complex to know the time between patent filing and integration on Apple products, it can be fast and sometimes take a lot of time.


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